In 2018, a decisive interview with Ghanaian artist Clement Laryea marked the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Art has always been a faithful companion, it was time to devote myself to it fully. After a professional career in finance, I decided to devote myself to my passion for art. This is how was born in 2019, an online art gallery dedicated to the promotion and sale of creations by artists from the African continent and its diaspora., une galerie d’art en ligne dédiée à la promotion et à la vente de créations d’artistes du continent africain et de sa diaspora.

Between traditional and contemporary art, these artists, both established and up-and-coming, tell a life story, a culture, a conviction, a commitment... intimately linked to Africa. They have made creation their breath of life, I call them my “Pépites”.

Their talents deserve to be recognised internationally. I travel the African continent to meet them and to discover their art, in a permanent quest for beauty and sustainability. Through “Pépites d’Afrique”, my team and I want to celebrate them and take their messages to the world. We also organise physical exhibitions and unique cultural events.

Our goal

Whether you are an art lover, an experienced collector or just curious, our aim is to take you on an artistic journey to the heart of Africa and its cultures through painting, drawing, sculpture and photography.

Like a griot, tell the story of “Pépites d'Afrique” around you and spread the good word of art from African artists and the African diaspora everywhere. As for us, we will continue tirelessly to unearth exceptional works, again and again for you!

Our guarantees

At Pépites d'Afrique, all our works are authenticated, we deliver a certificate of authenticity at the time of your purchase. The customer experience is at the heart of our priorities: we accompany you from the beginning of your reflection to the purchase of your work. We remain at your disposal at

Once installed in your home, if your purchase no longer suits you, contact us within 14 days so that we can proceed with a refund.

All our shipments are insured.

Lydie Da Silveira