Ibrahima Konaté

Ibrahima Konaté, alias « Boudje » est né en 1979, à Mopti (Mali).
He was passionate about art from an early age. Later, he was trained at the National Institute of Arts (INA) in Bamako (Mali), then at the Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers Multimédia Balla Fasséké Kouyaté (Bamako).

Ibrahima Konaté’s artistic creation is based on acrylic painting on canvas, using mixed techniques. His current works are characterized, for the most part, by an alignment of feminine silhouettes, in a frame of harmony of colours. In general, Ibrahima Konaté’s work focuses on everyday life, superimposing the colours to produce a form.

In his early days, this artist’s subject was means of public transport. The presentation of several silhouettes, today, in his paintings, obeys this vision of the world which consists in making people meet in the same place. This spatial-temporal unity of places of encounter symbolizes the dialogue and exchange that must characterize human relations.

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