Elon-m Catilina Tossou

Born on 14 September 1985 in Oumako (Benin).

Elon-m Catilina Tossou discovered art from an early age. Passionate about drawing, his father placed him under the tutelage of his uncle, Pascal Avokpo, painter with recognized talents in Ouidah (Benin). He introduced him to landscape design, the study of colours, anatomy, decoration, calligraphy, scenography, sculpture and many others. His uncle perfected his training, with support received, by correspondence, from the Centre Educatel Art School of Paris. Later, Elon-m Catilina Tossou was also introduced to the specificities of Chinese painting during a trip to China.

The productions of this painter-decorator are all made with the technique of Acrylic knife on canvas and oil pastels. These paintings on canvas are distinguished by bright colours, making red his favourite colour. He handles the knife perfectly, this little mason’s trowel that serves as a brush. From a thematic point of view, the work of this painter invites art lovers to a quest for time, that is to say, how to discover and pursue it. More concretely, his artistic creations are rooted in the facts of daily life: the harmony that prevails between women on the beaches, the return of husbands fishing, feminist commitment, the ritual dances of the traditional religion of Benin, etc. With ease, this artist practises both abstraction (more precisely a geometric abstract) and figuration.

Some of the works reflect the traditional African religion or express his feminist commitment by dedicating certain paintings exclusively to African women, who wish to see women play the leading roles in society.

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